Take your photography to the next level with the advanced camera workshop and learn how to shoot in manual mode! You will learn how to control your exposure and white balance while making informed decisions about ISO, shutter speed, and aperture in order to achieve your vision in-camera. We will also cover shooting indoors with natural light in-depth, as well simple steps for tweaking your photos in Photoshop and prepping them for print. 


  • benefits of shooting in manual vs aperture priority mode and in RAW vs JPEG
  • in depth understanding of the exposure triangle: ISO, shutter speed, and aperture
  • how to get amazing blur or bokeh
  • which lens is right for you and why paying attention to focal length is so important
  • how to find the best lighting scenarios and to make the most of them

The workshop and mentoring sessions are not designed to help you jump start your photography business.  They are for beginner to intermediate level photographers and geared to help you get better results.   


  • $150 per person includes 3 hours of hands-on instruction, yummy snacks, + a workbook filled with the information we cover.
  • Class size is limited for a more intimate and hands on approach.
  • A non-refundable 50% deposit is due to reserve your seat.  The remaining balance is due the week prior to your workshop. 


Do you have a camera that you aren’t quite sure how to use nor what all the buttons do?  Do you want to know how to use your camera in a mode other than auto?  Do you have trouble finding great lighting for your pictures?  Are you missing that extra special something from your images?  Do you get happy accidents instead of predictable results from your camera?

I'll teach you:

  • to get your camera out of auto
  • photography basics to understanding exposure, ISO, shutter speed, and aperture
  • about your camera settings and about lenses and why they are important
  • how to document your everyday life
  • how to find the best lighting scenarios and to make the most of them

Details of the one-on-one mentoring:

Ideal for those who have busy schedules and can't make it to a workshop.  It's the condensed version of my workshop and it's 100% focused on you.  We'll go over all the basics and you also get the opportunity to focus on something you have been struggling with.  Maybe it's that your house is so dark and you have trouble getting shots of your kids without the flash popping up.  I'll help you determine what the best settings are for those scenarios, and I'll teach you to be able to find the light that is best in your house.  Whatever it is, we'll chat before the session to make sure you get everything you want out of it.  We'll cover as much or as little as you need.  2 hours of 100% you time  |  $250